Cruise at rio de Janeiro

A Full Day Rio Trip: Tropical Islands Tour and Sepetiba Bay Cruise

If you want to know what to do in Rio de Janeiro, you shoul dnot miss out on a Rio de Janeiro cruise, such as a day trip to Sepetiba Bay. To do this trip, the point of boarding will be at Itacuruca. You can also book a schooner to cruise through the waters of the Bay, which is filled with wildlife reserve forests. You will get time to relax and explore after a sumptuous lunch at the tropical Brazilian island. After a day tour of the bay, you can return back through Rio’s residential areas as well as hubs of night life that are loaded with excitement. The trip to tropical islands and the Bay are offered in Rio tour packages. The Schooner cruise is offered at Sepetiba Bay. Most of the time, snacks and a buffet lunch is provided on boat. The cruises offer also hotel pickup as well as return.

Rio sightseeing lets you explore the beauties of the bay along with its surrounding islands. The fleet consists of motor boats which run at great speed and they are controlled by efficient operators. The cruise at Rio de Janeiro offers an exciting opportunity to its travellers and after you complete one, you will be cherishing the unforgettable experiences. The tours and its itineraries are flexible, so you can select the best option that suits your budget. There are lot of activities that are done during cruising. Most of these activities target different age groups. It will also let you do nature’s sightseeing as well as energising boat ride. Many children find it amusing to ride a speed boat. You can even get to see birds and dolphins. Those of you who love fishing can try their luck as well.

If you are planning a trip to Brazil, you can’t miss out on a Rio cruise.